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New Contributor to the LTHYW Blog ... Hey MEL!

Hey LTHYW lovers, happy 2020! We have a new contributor to the LTHYW blog. Her name is Melany and she wants to give us more video content. A little bit about Melany:

Melany, also known as GiRL Melany, is a West Philadelphia native and graduate of both the University of Delaware and Johns Hopkins University. She is a passion-driven community mobilizer and an advocate of women. From working with young girls in in the education sector, to individualized mentoring programs, spiritual support in juvenile centers, and adult literacy initiatives, GiRL Melany is on a mission to remind women of the beauty, inspiration, and liberation found in becoming all that we can be! She believes our natural hair is our crown, so we mine as well rock it proudly with our heads held high! You can keep up with her on Instagram: ( or YouTube (

She has a new Winter Wash Day Routine Video that she wants to share with us:

Stay tuned, as she'll be reviewing some of our favorite LTHYW natural hair brands and their products as well as how they work for her hair! What other things would you like to see from her?

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