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Hey LTHYW Family! As we get closer to September, we want to share more details about this year's event. This year we have the pleasure of teaming up with Wasserman! Wasserman is an agency that focuses on sports, music, entertainment, and culture. They are the voice behind diversity, equity, and impact within these industries, helping individuals speak their truth and increase representation across the board. This year Wasserman will bring special guests (we will announce them soon!) and prizes to share with the community at A&T. We are so excited to have them! And if you are a student looking for a career opportunity within the entertainment industry, Wasserman representatives will be present. You REALLY don't want to miss LTHYW NCA&T on 9.13!

The product sponsors are rolling in too. Have you heard of Rucker Roots? This fall at Love The Hair You Wear X NCAT, Ruckers Roots Nourish & Restore Papaya & Mango Deep Conditioning Mask will make a special appearance in our swag bags! The Ultimate Deep Conditioning Mask will nourish and restore dry, brittle hair. Papaya Seed Oil & Mango Butter make a perfect combination for the scalp and hair. The Papaya Seed Oil will restore balance to the scalp which will make for a healthy environment for growth. Mango Butter will strengthen and nourish the hair with essential nutrients that protect and prevent hair loss.


Want to get your hands on Rucker Roots? Be one of the first 125 students to get your swag bag on 9.13!

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