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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

‘Looking for ways to spice up your winter hair routine? Check out our blog post for ways to diversify your hair and overcome the boring hair care routine this winter’

Ahhh … below freezing temperatures, big coats, leather gloves, big scarves, & even blizzards. Ladies and gentlemen …winter is in full swing! Although colder temperatures do require more maintenance to ensure our hair stays healthy, we should not allow cold weather to discourage us from rocking our tresses in a variety of hairstyles. Keep reading for our five tips to avoid falling into the boring winter hair routine:

Head Wraps and Scarves: Head wraps are a lifesaver! They allow us to look stylish and chic on days when our hair simply will not cooperate with us. So why not make it a part of our winter hair routine?! We can use headwraps and scarves to cover our tresses on wash and condition day while being able to run errands outside of the house. There are a variety of ways to wear headwraps, turbans, and scarves too. Check out these YouTube videos with easy tutorials on different ways to rock your wrap!

Wigs and Weaves: Rocking wigs and weaves while protecting your hair is another great option to diversify your winter hairstyles. Heat Free Hair Wigs are a great choice because you can rock all different types of curls. Keep in mind, it is equally important to moisturize and protect your own curls while exploring this option. If you are new to the world of wigs and weaves, we have you covered! Check out these Heat Free Hair Youtube Videos explaining how to install and care for your Heat Free Hair wig properly.

Heat Free Hair: Applying Wig

Use a Diffuser: Washday can force us to isolate ourselves indoors. A diffuser is a great resource because it adds volume to the hair and there is a cool air setting option. The cool air setting allows us to avoid frying hair with maximum heat temperatures. Breaking out the diffuser sparingly will allow you to rock a huge afro in half the time it takes to air dry!

Hats: Hats are fun and add variety to our look! Sport a hat or beanie over those curls to spice up your hair life. Be sure to take the correct measure to ensure that wool hats or beanies are not damaging your curls. Try rocking a mini scarf under the hat to protect your hair like this Satin Lined Beanie or better yet make the Satin Lined Beanie yourself by following the directions in this Youtube video by Discovering Natural:

Buns: Buns can add variety as well. Add a hair bow, headband or other accessories to jazz up your bun. You can also add fake hair to the center of your bun to make it as big and lively as possible. Try looking at this Youtube video on different ways to rock a faux bun and check out these jazzy accessories to spice up your bun life!

Rock a Faux Bun:

All of these tips should add some variety to your winter hair care routine.  How do you break out of the Boring Winter Hair Routine?

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