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Welcome to the Love the Hair You Wear Blog!

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Hey! I'm Vecoya the founder of Love the Hair You Wear (LTHYW)! Thank you for checking out the website. The purpose of Love The Hair You Wear is to encourage the natural hair community to embrace and learn about their hair, increase self-esteem, and enjoy the company of natural beauty. Next year we celebrate 5 years of LTHYW!

LTHYW was created to help women of color embrace their natural hair roots, increase self-esteem, and enjoy the company of other natural beauties. This is especially important in today's political climate because women of color need a safe space to be themselves and discuss the issues that are important to them. Hair is the vehicle for this event but the message is so much deeper. At Love The Hair You Wear vendors, male/female models, tutorials, natural blogger and hairstylist panel unite to create a welcoming environment to embrace who you are. LTHYW is a uniquely curated experience for Natural Beauty Enthusiasts to directly connect natural hair brands that support the multicultural community.

Loving and accepting yourself means loving every part of you flaws and all. This includes loving the hair that grows out of your scalp and not comparing it to any one else. It’s so important to be grateful and find the beauty in each of our natural tresses. The LTHYW campaign, opens up the dialogue and opportunity to network with natural hair enthusiasts, and build a network with other confident natural beauties. For the past four years, Love The Hair You Wear has been a complete success! Love The Hair You Wear partook in over 150+ attendees and was featured on very publicized websites such as LTHYW 5 will take place in Washington DC in June 2019. Subscribe to this website for al the details about it! I look forward to meeting you there!!

All my love,


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